Event Videography
Single operator field videography is available for documentaries, interviews, meetings, performances, and other live events. Service includes one operator camera with the possibility of additional static non-operator cameras (up to 3 high quality and 7 more of various quality). For concerts and other events where high quality audio is necessary, those services can be provided concurrently; please visit the recording page for details. Lighting can also be provided.

Multiple operator field videography is available in collaboration with 2Bridges Productions and possibly other 3rd parties. Please contact for more information.

Studio videography services are available for auditions, interviews, etc. My native studio, albeit quite small, features a baby grand piano (Otto Altenberg) in an intimately decorated setting, with enough remaining space for one or two persons. Also available is a Bridge Lyra 5-string electric violin, as well as a few MIDI keyboard controllers.

Film (cinematography)

For cinematography, I now work mostly with 2Bridges Productions, although I have worked as primary cinematographer before.

Video Editing

Editing services include multiple camera shoots, narrative editing for films, and the addition of simple, graceful intro screens, subtitles, lower thirds, credits, etc.

Other services include:

• Upload video to YouTube or Vimeo
• Conversion of video formats
• Editing existing online videos for reposting and / or other purposes
• Creation of DVD's with functioning menus (with optional printed labels)
• Hi8 cassette to digital video conversion

1-op. music edited ex.

2-op. music ex.

1-op. film edited ex.

1-op. crowdfunding edited ex.

1-op. documentary ex.

2-op. documentary ex.